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"Learning about the Alexander Technique with Michael has helped me to manage the pains in my neck and back that I began to experience a few years ago after a traumatic accidental fall. Since then I have been trying to resolve this pain through various methods such as physical therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy; these methods helped a little but I was still in pain. A few months ago, a friend suggested that I learn about the Alexander Technique. I attended a workshop about the technique lead by Michael, and decided to take private lessons with him. Michael is able to teach in a way that I can understand and then can make positive changes in my health patterns. After working with this method these past few months, the pains in my neck and back are starting to resolve. By practicing this technique in my daily life, I feel more organized and have more energy and creativity."

Mary Lou Driscoll, Nurse.


"I happened to discover Michael at a demonstration at my gym many months ago, and I am so thankful and excited that I was introduced to the Alexander Technique! Working with Michael is an absolute joy. He has a deep understanding of the Alexander Technique and a solid knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology. As a young professional dancer, I wanted to find the best way to improve my mobility and co-ordination and to increase my range of movement. Michael's brilliant imagination allows him to explain the main principles of the Alexander Technique in a creative and highly informative way, and will even tailor his explanations to each of his students. After a few months of weekly lessons I started to experience a release of strange and unhealthy tension in various muscle areas which is currently facilitating realignment and balance which gives me greater natural control of my body. His calm and soothing disposition is so reassuring and comforting, that I feel secure in channeling even emotional upheaval out of my body. The Alexander Technique has helped me to begin to understand how to have power of my thoughts and mastery of my body."

Fana Fraser, Dancer, Ailey II 2008-2010.


"For the past several months, I have had the great pleasure and good fortune to have studied the Alexander Technique with Michael Veilleux. I say this because I have experienced several other disciplines and trainings over the years, and I have never left any of them with the feeling of complete well-being that I have with Michael.

"Of course, Michael has been trained thoroughly and is certified to teach Alexander Technique, but there are special qualities that do set him apart from just another teacher. He is so very gentle yet firm, very structured in his teaching yet giving, and most of all, his patience and understanding allows you to more easily understand the habits you've developed and how they hinder your movement. He creates a very safe and comfortable space to learn the relationship of your body to the space you're in and then how to use it and not abuse it. Your awareness of who you are being in the world is so intensified.

"WOW!! In the few months I have been taking lessons, I am free of so many of the aches and pains I had when I started. Over the last month, I have actually been asking myself, 'Where did that pain go?' or 'Didn't I have a chronic pain in my neck that isn't there anymore?', and the only explanation is that I have started to learn The Alexander Technique with Michael Veilleux . I know it's not magic, but, to me it is truly AMAZING!"

Alan Ulick, Sales Consultant.


"On the most basic level, Michael has powerful, healing hands. The table work in particular was sublime... a different kind of release and rebalancing than traditional massage. I could have stayed on the table another hour. The work we've been doing makes me more fully in touch with my senses, awakening an energy that I might have been trying to suppress. It feels so much better to let that energy flow."

Robert McNamara, Managing Director (Friends In Deed).


"Thank you, first of all, for yet another very special session yesterday. You have a unique quality, above and beyond your magic hands and the ability to pinpoint and relieve points of tension or pain, and that is the positive, spiritual energy you bring to your work. The time I spend with you isn’t 'just' a wonderful 90-minute session but a healing experience... Every time I leave a session with you, both my body and my mind have found new energy and a sense of well-being. Thank you, Michael, for the extraordinary work that you do, at so many levels."

Charlie Hamlen, Chairman (IMG Artists).


"You are a GOD!. My face is so much better since I saw you. My neck continues to snap crackle pop and with each one more tension seems to release. Thanks again, you do amazing work."

Jeff Brewer, Lighting Designer.


"Not only was the session with Michael truly fabulous and therapeutic in the profoundest sense of the word, I feel so privileged just to have met him. What a beautiful, intuitive and gifted person. I am really looking forward to working with him again."

Elizabeth Sobol, Managing Director (IMG Artists).


"Michael is an incredibly warm, caring, and supportive teacher. He easily identifies habits that keep us from being our most efficient and whole selves. With Michael, the lines of communication are always open. He is adept at helping you to identify psycho-physical / emotional connections and provides a gentle guiding hand as you explore those issues together."

Patrick Mulryan, Actor/Teacher.


"I am a dancer and I have studied massage and worked with a number of different bodily education and awareness practices and I have a solid working knowledge of anatomy. Michael helped me to recognize habits in my body and showed me how to work on opening up problem areas. Some of the tension spots were new to me, and some of them I was already aware of, but I had been unable to access or change through other methods. Michael's images and analogies are extremely useful for me in visualizing my goals and helping to keep me on track from day to day, when I am not in session. His patient, sensitive and generous approach exemplifies and models the patience required for students of the Alexander Technique. The space he creates is welcoming and non-judgmental and I feel free there to talk about how the physical work we are doing intersects with other aspects of my life. I look forward to my next session!"

Rafael Cohen, Dancer.


"Right from the first lesson, Michael's knowledge of the material coupled with teaching methods gave me the feeling that I had made the right choice. I have worked with other Alexander Teachers, but none have been able to establish the connection and trust that Michael has. During the lessons, Michael creates a safe atmosphere in which one feels free to allow the body to release and be re-aligned under his guidance. He has been able to increase my range of mobility while decreasing my pain when other therapies failed."

Jim Stewart, Executive Director of Grace Costumes, Inc.


"Thank you so much for your service at The Covenant House last weekend. As you know, I was very impressed with you! You are a fabulous teacher in every respect. I have no doubt that Alexander Technique is your life's work. You have such a wonderful presence, and served as a good role model for these young adults; especially the men. I hope you are pleased to know that you made a positive difference!!!
I am grateful for your contributions."

Vicki Goodrich, Health Quest Community Project Coordinator.


Michael Veilleux
Teacher of the Alexander Technique
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