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Curriculum Vitae of Michael Veilleux

Professional Experience: Healthcare

Private Practice (Educator/Practitioner) – New York, NY (2005-present)
Individual and group instruction in the Alexander Technique for injury prevention, stress management, pain relief, and greater self-care to optimize functioning and performance of activities of daily living. Produce/lead workshops on health & wellness for various organizations.
Saint Mary’s College – LEAP Program (Lecturer) – New York, NY branch (2010-present)
Teach principles and skills for injury prevention and optimal functioning, freeing up movement, support, balance, pelvic mobility, joint/muscle health to dance professionals transitioning into movement pedagogy.
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (Adjunct Faculty) – New York, NY branch (2007-2008)
Taught a 10-week myology course to students in massage therapy and acupuncture programs. Focused on preventing self-injury while treating patients and improvement of hands-on work with good body use.



The Awakened Self – New York, NY (2009-present)
Lead group classes on the Alexander Technique
Club H Fitness – New York, NY (2009)
Participated in several Health Fairs and provided demonstrations to gym members and Personal Trainers
Equinox - New York, NY (2009)
"Alexander Technique for Personal Trainers"
Friends In Deed - New York, NY (2006-2008)
"Alexander Technique for Body-Workers & Wellness Practitioners" (2008)
"Living Pain-Free" (2008)
"Alexander Technique and Self-Care" (2007)
"Introduction to the Alexander Technique" (2006)
Center for Psychotherapy - Florham Park, NJ (2007)
"Alexander Technique and Chronic Pain, Tension and Stress"
American Center for the Alexander Technique – New York, NY (2007)
"Introduction to the Alexander Technique"
Wynwood-Brookdale Senior Living – Florham Park, NJ (2007)
"Alexander Technique and Aging Gracefully"
The Covenant House - New York, NY (2006)
Participated in HealthQuest, a non-profit community project where healers and healthcare professionals offered workshops in various healing and self-care modalities for young people.
American Fertility Association - New York, NY (2006)
"Family Matters - National Fertility and Adoption Convention": Presented a lecture on how the Alexander Technique can reduce or prevent stress, through psycho-physical re-education, from compromising a woman’s chances of conceiving or miscarrying.
Manhattan Center for the Alexander Technique - New York, NY (2005)
Presentation, "Alexander Technique and the Voice: How to Identify and Treat Habitual Misuse of the Vocal Apparatus"


Volunteer Experience

Manhattan Center for the Alexander Technique - New York, NY (2006-2011)
Taught/assisted in the development of trainees in the Teacher Training Program
Friends In Deed (FID) - New York, NY (2006-2011)
(FID provides emotional and spiritual support for those dealing with HIV/AIDS, cancer or other life-threatening illness)
Presented free workshops to FID members and staff
Special Programs in Occupational Therapy Services for children (SPOTS) (2010)
Various Anti-Bullying Programs - NY and NJ (2009-2010)


Educational Background

Undergraduate Education:
University of New Mexico - Albuquerque, NM (Graduated 1998)
Bachelor's Degree in Musical Theatre
Additional Education:
Reiki Certification (1st degree level) (2006)
Manhattan Center for the Alexander Technique - New York, NY (2003-2005)
Nationally Certified Teaching Certification
Completed 1,600 hours in the study of movement, anatomy and psychophysical re-education
Graduate Level Coursework:
City University of New York (John Jay College & BMCC) – New York, NY (2010-present)
Pursuing graduate degree in Occupational Therapy (2010-present)


Professional Affiliations

Member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique (2006-present)


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Michael Veilleux
Teacher of the Alexander Technique
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