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About the lessons

In an Alexander Technique lesson, the teacher may use many different visual aids as tools to augment the student's learning process. During the lesson, the teacher uses highly skilled, hands-on guidance and verbal feedback to assist the student in learning to become aware of subconscious habits of tension and misuse, and to realize the harmful impact this misuse can have on how the student moves and functions. The student will practice sitting, standing, walking, and other everyday movements and specialized activities. The student may also lie on a table, fully clothed, as the teacher slowly moves the student's head or limbs.

The student is engaged in these different activities in order to learn and develop three skills:

  1. Sensory Appreciation, which enables the student to more accurately assess his/her movement habits and behavior;
  2. Inhibition, which enables the student to prevent habits of misuse;
  3. Direction, which enables the student to orient his/her body in space as he/she moves.

Ultimately, the student will acquire the skills to help prevent injury and improve existing conditions by correcting deep habitual patterns at the root of the student's symptoms.


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Michael Veilleux
Teacher of the Alexander Technique
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